Math 1A Singapore-Comparing Weight-Chapter 9.1

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Comparing Weight

Know about Comparing Weight:


The television is heavier than the cup.

The cup is lighter than the television.


Which is the lightest?

Which is the heaviest?


The balloon is the lightest.

The television is the heaviest.


The ball is as heavy as the ball.


The apple is lighter than the ball.

The ball is heavier than the apple.

1. Which weights more?

Follow the below picture and answer the question.


(a) The ruler weight is more than the pen.

(b) The key weight is more than the ruler.

2. How many marbles balance the block?

Follow the below picture and answer the question.


5 marbles balance the block.

3. The clay ball is as heavy as the book. Make a clay ball as heavy as the ruler.


Make yourself.

Some Examples:

1.  Compare their weights.

Car 🚙

Auto Rickshaw 🛺

Motorbike - 🏍


The Car is the heaviest.

The Motorbike is the lightest.

2.  🐘🐄🐒 – Compare their weights.


The Elephant is the heaviest.

The Monkey is the lightest.

3. True or false:

(a) The Elephant is heavier than the ant.

(b) The Cow is lighter than the crow.

(c) The Monkey is heavier than the Donkey.

(d) A Bus is lighter than a train.


(a) True

(b) False; The cow is heavier than the crow.

(c) False; The donkey is heavier than the monkey.

(d) True.


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The weight of an object is the gravity force acting on the object.

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