Math 1A Singapore-Comparing Length-Chapter 8.1

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Comparing Length

Know comparing Length:

Look at the picture and give answers as per questions.


Who is the longest?

Who is the shortest?


Mr. Snake is the longest.

Mr. Ant is the shortest.


Who is the tallest?

Who is the shortest?


Miss Giraffe is the tallest.

Mr. Monkey is the shortest.

1. Which is the longest string? Which is the shortest string?



[Note: 1st string has 10 balls, 2nd string has 9 balls and 3rd string has 11 balls.]


3rd string is the longest.

2nd string is the shortest.

2. Which is the tallest block? Which is the shortest block?


[Note: 1st block has 4 bricks, 2nd block has 6 bricks, 3rd block has 7 bricks, 4th block has 8 bricks.]


4th block is the tallest.

1st block is the shortest.

3.  Which worm takes the longest path? Which worm takes the shortest path?


[Note: Worm A takes 9 small square sides, Worm B takes 8 small square sides, Worm C takes 10 small square sides.]


Worm C takes the longest path.

Worm B takes the shortest path.

4. Which tape is the longest? Which tape is the shortest?


[Note: Tape P takes 6 small distances, tape Q takes 5 small distances and tape R takes 6 small distances but R takes an angular way.]


Tape R is the longest.

Tape Q is the shortest.

Workbook Exercise 57(1)

Fill in the blanks.



(a) Tape ____ is the longest.

(b) Tape ____ is the shortest.

(c) Tape D is as long as Tape _____.

(d) Tape A is shorter than Tape _____.


(a) Tape C is the longest.

(b) Tape B is the shortest.

(c) Tape D is as long as Tape A.

(d) Tape A is shorter than Tape C.

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